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  1. Was a good weekend, highly enjoyable, kept busy on Saturday and Sunday with loads of chat on our stand. Friday even managed to do some work on the C - that's the advantage at this show: You can do some work in a nice and warm hall with excellent lighting. My pics: http://scirocco.edat.co.uk/pictures/PCRS2018/index.html Tempest
  2. 2 Cs on the CCGB stand, followed by one more that I convinced to join us on the stand, pics: http://scirocco.edat.co.uk/pictures/UD2018/index.html Tempest
  3. OK, folks, to get a space on the hardstanding we need to book before 31 December 2017 :) To so so, if you could follow these (simple) instructions: 1. Head over to http://www.realyretroshow.com, click on the menu icon (3 horizontal bars top right of window, and select "Clubs/Display your car" from the resulting menu. 2. Scroll down till you see a big button labelled "SHOW CAR, Click to display". Click on this button :) 3. Click on the "Get tickets" button in the new browser window. 4. Select "All day display (£4.00)" from the pull-down menu under the heading "Ticket type". Click on the Next button. 5. Select whether you want your ticket printed or emailed. Either will be accepted at arrival to the show grounds. Click on Next. 6. Click on the Checkout button. 7. Fill in the fields for email, cell phone, and vehicle make and model, and most importantly answer this question: "Are you attending as part of a Club? If so state Club Name below:". Corrado Club of GB is the correct answer :cheers: 8. (Un)check the 2 tickboxes, and click on the button "Checkout with Paypal". This does allow you to pay by debit card, btw. That's it, you're booked. Tempest
  4. Any more takers for this Midlands-based show? Was good the previous times I went, looked very promising. Can't beat a bit of hard-standing for our treasured Corrados. Tempest
  5. Yes, all spaces filled. Next time have a look on the ccgb website where we were lookung for cars as far back as August this year. Tempest (Eric)
  6. Anybody interested in attending the Ultimate Dubs show in Telford in March 2018 (exact dates still to be confirmed - just checking for interest levels)? We haven't been for a few years, so maybe worth trying. Usually need between 3-5 Corrados to get a stand. Ultimate Dubs is now a 1.5-2 day show, meaning you got to drop off your Corrado on Saturday (preferably before afternoon, as it gets very busy just to get in later), public comes in Saturday evening (17:00-21:00), leave it overnight (join in with some social Saturday evening - possibly stay in a local hotel or B&B), and the main day is Sunday (9:00-17:00). Booking for clubs will open soon on the Ultimate Dubs website, usually end of October or shortly after the sister show beginning of November. Tempest
  7. Registration on CCGB events list now open :-) Tempest
  8. Yes, 't is an announcement for the first show in 2018 (!!) Went to this show twice now, once with a few Corrados from the club and enjoyed it. The show takes place on hardstanding (runway) at Seighford Aerodrome, near Stafford, so is located nice and centrally, particular of interest to anybody from the Midlands. It is aimed at any classic cars up to 1999, so covers our Corrados well and truly. To get a free clubstand on hardstanding I will need a minimum of 5 Corrados to sign up by December this year (2017), so please rock up, and join at this new show. Please sign up on the events calendar on the CCGB website. More on this show here: http://www.reallyretroshow.com/ Tempest
  9. Looks like a good day was had, 22 cars, was it? Not bad, though a bit off the figure I had quoted (50), but hey. Any footage from the parade lap? Tempest
  10. This Wednesday is the cut-off for pre-booking tickets. After that you'll have to pay full price, and won't be allowed to join the clubstand any more, I'm told by the organisers of this event. Tempest
  11. Need to let the organisers know more precise numbers though ;-) Being chased .... Tempest
  12. Could do with a few more folk signing up for this event. Only counting 14 cars so far on the events calendar/list. Promised nearer to 50 to the organisers, who are now getting a bit anxious Spread the word, folks. See here, there is some stuff for kids, too. http://www.deutschefest.co.uk/deutsche-fest-off-track-entertainment/ Tempest
  13. I was told last week by the organisers at Brands Hatch that someone will look into the problem. Hopefully this has happened. Tempest (Eric)
  14. Pics from a big Midlands meet, the Coventry Moto Fest yesterday http://scirocco.edat.co.uk/pictures/CovMotFest17/index.html Tempest
  15. This Saturday in Coventry: Coventry Moto Fest: http://www.coventrymotofest.com I'll be there displaying, anybody else? Tempest
  16. Hi folks, Finally managed to sort out (most of) the National Day for the Corrado Club for 2017: Sunday, 20 August, Brands Hatch, during the Deutsche Fest. Head over to the CCGB forum for more info as it becomes available. Tempest
  17. Yes, I have the Koni coilies on my G60, and apart from a few surface rust stains on the chromed dampers, they have held up really well. Had them on for about 8 years now or so, but on average only do 2-3k per year. Tempest
  18. Made a career change when i was 45 (!!): Yes, it can be done! Ran my own IT business for 15 years, got so fed up with it towards the last years, that I decided to go back to my roots of university education, and became a lecturer in electronics engineering/software/automotive networks/functional safety at an automotive oem. Loving it, needed the challenge. Tempest
  19. For LHD G60s the ABS pump unit is different to RHD G60s. When I had pretty much the same problem as the thread initiator it resulted in me changing the entire ABS pump unit inside the engine bay. It turned out that the actual pump itself had become weak. It's pretty much a sealed unit, obsolete, so you'll have to find a 2nd hand ABS unit or just the pump somewhere. Tempest
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