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  1. I'm in was a nice show last year hope the weather is as good 👍
  2. Yeah they are made to a much higher standard than oem as they are a braided so they don't expand.should way outlast oem ones. Not sure if the average driver will notice the benefits but for £20 👍 Think a kit is about £130ish
  3. Cheers mate👍Was a nice show. corrado got some nice comments.
  4. Sounds good. Fingers crossed for the mot and the sunshine.
  5. Looking forward to this hope to see some more corrado's
  6. What sort of condition is the corrado script badge in? Cheers
  7. Do it. Think scotty_c72 is going in his mint c.
  8. My mistake it's the o/s sorry. And no bulb holder.
  9. Thanks mate yours is looking cool too. Do like a white rado. Thought you were putting it on HIC stand.
  10. Pete b

    20v badge

    Cheers. Just had the small one made up for the back of the car. He's on the case for the 20VT
  11. Pete b

    20v badge

    Ok I will get onto it.
  12. Pete b

    20v badge

    Hi quazzie. Yes it is possible I will have a word with the chap who makes them for me and will get back to you.
  13. Nice pics. Last few shows the corrado turnout seems to be on the up
  14. Hi Goldie. Was good chatting with you at e38, well done on the win was well deserved mate. Can you remind me of that trim restorer please. Memory like a sieve. Cheers.

  15. Pete b

    Windows close

    Cheers rob. No alarm fitted at the mo:( so just been using the key. Both doors lock and unlock individually. Think I had better whip the door card off and investigate more,just hope the two are linked.
  16. Pete b

    Windows close

    My window seams to close now as soon as I turn te ignition off. Also noticed that my passanger door don't lock on the central locking. Had the Handel out but can't see anything obvious.i imagine the two are linked�� any help appreciated
  17. Cheers mate. When's the interior coming out, get into drag spec:)
  18. Cheers.No didn't get there till late afternoon on the sat. Plus don't want to go down that road as I work for Ak Bodycraft and my boss had a 9sec mk1 and I seen howmuch money he spent on it.:)how did you get on? Got the bug?
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