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Thread: Parts all sold or sale agreed.

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    Parts all sold or sale agreed.

    All parts sold or sale agreed will be posted guys. All other parts sales are on hold for now.
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    4th April 2015
    Don't suppose you have a decent passenger fog mate?

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    Hi Cress will check tomorrow!

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    4th April 2015
    Cheers mate

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    Do you have the top mounting rubbers and brackets for the radiator?

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    7th August 2007
    West Lancashire
    Looking for prices and availability of:

    Drivers side fog.

    Centre console ash tray holder (don't need the ashtray its self)

    Both above un-cracked / damaged.

    Cheers, James
    James likes Corrados. Although he wishes the feeling was reciprocated occasionally.

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    Are the heater controls rotary for late models? Price posted please

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    26th June 2017
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Hello mate,

    Do you still have the both wings and what is their condition - any rust or damages.
    Are you able to post them to 1360 Sofia, Bulgaria.

    Best regards,
    '91 Corrado G60

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    24th December 2008
    Colchester, Essex
    Interested in the splitter. Where are you located?

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    16th April 2006
    Front Grill badge? - I'll take it with the grill if you want as I could use a new one of those too as one of my tabs is broken
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