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Thread: Can you adapt an OBD1 VR6 (94 6 PIN MAF) to run later 4 pin MAF?

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    Can you adapt an OBD1 VR6 (94 6 PIN MAF) to run later 4 pin MAF?

    As title really, finding it impossible to get a new Bosch MAF, can you adapt and run the later 4 pin which can get and what does it entail? Anyone done it? Only 5 of the 6 pins are actually used so hopefully doable.
    Everything else on car is new, engine, evry sensor ancillary etc. suspect MAF ain't 100% so be nice to renew that too.

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    P.S. It's a coilpack

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    I think you'd need the later ecu and coil pack. Might as well go obd2

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    I've bought another VR6 I've wanted for a while and currently building up, maybe I'll try that on new one, b ut not looking for too much hassle on current one.
    What's it entail and what's the advantages?

    Funny enough the new one comes with a very low milage Golf 2.8 engine, but was going to swap for my 2.9 from other Corrado as it's less than 10 000 since full rebuild, mapped and slightly uprated and runs incredibly sweet bar occasional stutter on idle at mo courstesy of MAF, loads of power can't see 2.8 engine ever matching it without turboing.

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