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Thread: 1996 Corrado VR6 for sale

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    Oops ... hopefully this is the photo of the seat ... thanks and best wishes ... T
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    26th July 2006
    Portsmouth Hampshire
    Hi Hope you don't mind me asking are those speedlines I see. I require 2 if your willing to part to get them refurbished.
    Where are you based.
    Good luck with the sale nice car.
    VR6 Moonlight Blue

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    Hi ... they are indeed Speedlines and I live in Bath ... obviously I'd really like to sell the car and if having a cluster of four spare Speedlines encourages someone to buy it then that's what I would prefer ... so would you be happy to wait a week or two to see what happens? ... thanks and best wishes ... T

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    26th July 2006
    Portsmouth Hampshire
    That will be ok I'm at the CCGB National Day on Sunday at Brands Hatch.

    Good luck and let me know.
    VR6 Moonlight Blue

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    Thanks. There are no buyers yet. I hope you have a good time at Brands Hatch. Feel free to mention my car to anyone that you think might be interested! I can be flexible with the price ... with or without the spare wheels. Best wishes. T

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