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Thread: New 2.016v owner!

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    New 2.016v owner!

    Hi All,

    Within the last week I've managed to finally snag myself a Corrado after a long time searching, so far it seems really good (touch wood) with a few minor things that need working on as you would expect for a car made in '93.

    However I do have a couple of noob questions, the main one being when i bought it the guy said 'you probably want to get the CAM belt done' which I though was fine, all part of owning an older car. I've since looked on VW Heritage and can only see belts for the 1.8 engines, are the 2.0s a chain driven? If it is a chain, the car has done about 150k, do you guys think it would be good to change the chain before I start driving it more regularly?

    Overall I'm really chuffed with the car and can't wait to spend more time driving it. Here's a pic for those who are interested.


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    My first Corrado was a 2.0 16V and it definitely had a cambelt fitted if that helps?

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    I assumed it would be a belt, I'll just have to broaden my search a little I expect. I was just hoping I might be able to find out without having to pull it to pieces!

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    Put my old registration number into Eurocarparts and came up with this:

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    It's a 9A engine that was also in the Passat around that time. Definitely a belt but there is a chain that links the 2 cams. No need to be going in there though
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    Thanks very much gents, I assumed it would be a belt and ECP was going to be my next port of call. I'll get that ordered up and then get the Corrado out of the shed and onto the road!

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    Welcome to the club

    Paint looks nice and clean with a healthy shine

    Where did you see this one advertised? I've been looking regularly myself bit can't say I saw it?

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    Thanks, I'm really pleased I've managed to find one in such good condition, hopefully something I can keep up for a very long time!

    The car was advertised on Facebook and luckily less than 5 miles away from me, they seem to crop up quite regularly on there, I guess people like listing there first as its free.

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    I've avoided revealing myself to the outside world ever since it's creation (facebook), and now I may have to reconsider

    It's definitely worth waiting for something like this. 5 miles away as well is a real result.

    Enjoy Buddy!

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    Haha yeah its really good for parts too, loads of people post stuff for sale in groups on there nowadays.

    Yeah I couldn't believe my luck really, thanks!

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