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Thread: Got pulled - need some advice

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    Got pulled - need some advice

    Quote Originally Posted by rado20vT View Post
    Well I got my request to join them for a driving coarse, but its a speeding awareness coarse for driving without consideration for others, doh
    I had to go on a driving course years ago . I hit a panda car from behind . I might add that the old bill also hit the car in front of it and not from me pushing it . But that was brushed under the carpet . But I must admit 15 years later I’ve never had an accident since . I will always remember a bloke on the course who clearly did not pay any attention to what the instructor was saying and could not wait to get out of the place . The same bloke was next to me on the way home , on a duel carriageway approaching a set of lights at a roundabout, they went to Amber , I slowed down , they went to red and the bloke went straight through the red light .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gti_Jamo View Post
    I'd laugh at any police officer who tried to stick that on me. Wouldn't have even accepted the ticket.
    Same. What an utter crock of pooey pointlessness. Constantly we hear about cuts to the police force, and yet, it seems road traffic officers have the time and resources to waste by pulling people over for absolutely jack schitt.

    Dithering twunt does 20mph. ****ed off person behind wants to make progress and over takes. Oh my lord, Rado20VT, you should be put onto a medieval torture rack immediately. AND do 5 speed awareness courses back to back, for good measure. All at the tax payers expense, naturally. Punitive damages should also be awarded to the deeply upset overtaken person for the stress and emotional damage you caused. They are probably scarred for life by this incident and daren't leave the house.

    I'm sorry but slow arse dithering twunts are also "driving without consideration to others", but the law is always on the side of the sanctimonious "Speed limits are not a target" types.

    The way I see it: cars like Golf R's with barky exhausts are an easy target for narrow minded coppers. He probably prayed that you over take the dawdler so that he can take his own prejudices out on you.

    Damn right I would fight this one in court if it came to it! Overtaking a slower moving vehicle is not illegal.
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    Had my 'What drives us course' yesterday.

    The attendees seemed to mainly be people that had jumped a red light but there was 1 woman who's story was that she had reversed from a parking space, as she then drove away she caught the tow bar of the car next to her, having checked that there was no damage she drove off then later received the letter from the courts for not reporting and leaving the scene of an accident.

    Most of this course seemed to be aimed at light jumpers and those that use mobile phones (yes, they admitted it had not been updated since the change in the law about phones) they wanted to drill down into the reasons why people make the decision to jump the lights.

    The discussions generally took the opinion that mostly it was because people were in a hurry because the kids had made them late.

    I thing I took away from the course was not to have kids because they are the root of all evil on the roads.
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