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Thread: Forsale 1992 corrado vr6 + private REG ' VRG '

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    Forsale 1992 corrado vr6 + private REG ' VRG '


    Its come time to sell my corrado. I parked the car up a few years ago. Last year i took the decision to stick it back on the road but i didnt use it much at all as it inst my daily driver. I think its time to pass it on to someone else to enjoy. I have cherished this car over the years I have had it and loved driving it. the previous owner was an old chap retiring who had it for around 12 years and garaged it every night. One of the reasons i bought it was his character and long ownership, as well his history file he kept. I have tried my best to always carry this on and put receipts in there to keep a good history. it was standard in his ownership and still remains that way. I have removed the side bump strips but they are included with the sale in good condition. they could be reattached very easily if you wish to do so. it has heated seats, electric windows and sunroof, power steering, a lot of history. the colour is Bordeaux pearl which is a really nice colour in my opinion one of the best.

    The work i have done whilst i have had includes,
    new radiator
    new crack pipe and thermostat housing
    replace oil cooler seals
    brakes have had a going over for mot including new pads and hand brake cables
    new tyres all round for last years mot, doubt they have covered more than a couple of hundred miles
    new under bonnet foam. OEM style stuff from the corrado forum in a group buy. not the thin reproduction.
    drivers window scraper
    wheels resprays
    rear beam bushes, brake lines replaced on beam at this point
    new cat and lambda a week ago
    wishbone bushes
    top mounts front and back
    plugs, ht leads and dizzy cap
    cv boot
    rear wheel bearings
    aux belt and new tensioner
    and im sure there's more i cant remember

    I have really tried to make sure the car doesn't have all the Corrado gremlins. Other things not covered in the list above are.
    centre console surround uncracked
    fog and indicator lenses not cracked
    spoiler works
    sunroof works
    heated seats work
    ht lead remover in boot
    first aid kit all there and original
    I have scanned the car and there are no faults presents
    110k mileage
    good door handles
    cleaned out and sealed the foliage intake to ensure no water leaks don't start from leaves, common issue.
    3 of the abs sensors have been done, i recently tested all 4 with a multi meter and all spot on readings.
    abs ecu is not water damaged
    Private Registration is included which links to the cars model
    12 months mot

    There is some bolster wear on drivers side, which is normal for any car of this age. If you would like to rectify this i think a little dye rubbed in will work wonders and transform it. the trim on the door has bubbled. there is a metal strip inside the trim. It isnt the door that has rusted and could be replaced with a 2nd hand unit from a breaker. the odd tiny dent but only minor not really visible. head light has a chip in it but does not cause any issues with mot etc.

    The car is an honest example there are some minor things on the car but i think in leaving these and not trying to cover everything up it leaves the car alot more honest and desirable in my opinion. The car is a good example of a corrado with non of the usual issues. Some of the parts such as fog lights are now very rare and would cost you a fortune to buy.

    Location Burnley
    Price £6000 including Private REG
    number 07927790027
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    Price dropped to £5800
    Bordeaux 93 vr6

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