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Thread: VW Corrado 16v 1.8 1990 Pearlescent Blue

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    VW Corrado 16v 1.8 1990 Pearlescent Blue

    Up for sale is my much loved valver, owned for the last 20 years. Whilst on the road, it has always been serviced regularly. I have lots and lots of receipts / service history sheets of work done to maintain the upkeep of the car since 1997 to 2012. However life has now taken over and for the last 5 years I have not had the time or the money to keep the car on the road and it has therefore been sitting SORN declared on my drive. It is in fair condition for it's age. Body is a beautiful deep pearlescent Blue and reasonably clean apart from a few rust spots and some areas where the lacquer is bubbling due to age (see photos on eBay) The wheels are the classic BBS alloys and 3 of them are in good condition whilst the 4th probably needs a refurb (see photos on eBay).

    The most recent work I did on it before it was SORN declared was a new starter motor, power steering pump, water pump, clutch, wishbones, ball joints, anti roll bars and door handles repaired (curtousy of this forumn). It also has a classic face-off Pioneer CD and USB Radio with Kenwood speakers in the rear parcel shelf. It is also fitted with a Hornet Cat 1 Alarm which closes the doors and windows.

    The engine is in good condition, however the car does not start due to some blockage in the fuel line. I have recently had a mechanic look at this but with the difficulty/cost of sourcing Corrado parts I was unable to resolve this. I have a box of fuel line, fuel pump parts which I sourced off eBay in attempt to get the job fixed but was unable to find a suitable mechanic. Whoever buys this car can take the parts too. The rear spoiler is also stuck in the lift position which is probably related to a fuel pump / fuse issue. As standard on these age Corrado's the sunroof needs attention as it sticks. Whoever collects this car will need to tow it away.

    This car will suit someone who is a Corrado lover and want's a bargain classic and who has the time and enthusiasm to continue to keep this car going from where I have left off.

    I will be very sad to see this car go but will take some resolve in the fact that it will be going to someone who will keep it alive.

    There are not many 1.8 valvers left as they were the earlier models. Dare I say it but could become more rarer than the Storm?

    I've posted my Corrado on eBay auction but wanted to let anyone here know too in case there was interest.
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    '90 VW Corrado 16v 1.8
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