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Thread: 19” bbs lm alloys... will they fit?

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    19” bbs lm alloys... will they fit?

    So sorry to be annoying because I’m sure you have all heard this before. I have a good price on a set of bbs lm reps. The are 19” though.. will these fit with standard suspension?

    If they do does anyone have a pic of a corrado with 19”s and standard suspension? I’m worried it will look like a weird tractor...

    Anything will be better than the wheels that came on the car though!

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    No personal experience of trying it but I think 19" is too big on a Corrado, you'd need to be running rubber band tyres and the ride would be utterly ridiculous, not to mention the loss of performance. It would, imho, look a great deal like a toy car..

    Google says:

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    Not a hope. 17 is large on a Corrado, 18 is possible but difficult... 19's are just way, way too big.

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    Hi. 19" Way to big and too wide. Had some 18" on my corrado and they were too big.

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    Has anyone got some nice wheels for sale that will fit?

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    Hi. I got some 17" porsche turbo twists made by mille miglia straight fit 5x100.
    Alloys fully and profesuonaly refurbed 2017 tyres yokohama parada spec2 2017 covered around 500 miles. Alloys and tyres like new asking £500

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    Yes I’m interested can you pm me?

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    Hi. Check your pm.

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