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Thread: Black door cards

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    Black door cards

    Needing front and rear black door cards if anyone's got some laying around

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    25th August 2004
    County Durham
    Late or early mate?

    93 Bordeaux Pearl VR6 'Verity'
    94 Blackberry VR6 - not anymore
    Project number 28
    94 green 8v

    previous rados
    91 Bordeaux pearl 1.8 16v
    94 Sherry Pearl VR6
    93 Bordeaux pearl VR6
    93 Aqua Blue VR6
    94 Moonlight Blue VR6
    95 Silver 16v 2.0
    95 White 8v
    93 Flash Red
    94 Classic Green VR6
    unknown blackberry VR6
    94 green 8v
    90 green 16v
    94 Black 2.0 16v
    91 Blue 16v
    91 Black G60
    94 Grey 16v
    92 green 16v
    94 Ice Violet VR6

    too many

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    Either mate, early preferably but don't mind messing with later ones

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    24th December 2008
    Colchester, Essex
    I've got a set in very good condition. They are early spec, black with a green fleck in them that is barely noticeable

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    I have a set of rear with the red flecks in them if you're interested I can send some pictures.

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