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Thread: Don't miss out...

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    This car sold on ebay auction 3rd of December for £1500

    I was tempted with it until I noticed it was a brand new seller with no feedback.

    Not sure if it was legit but cheap enough if it was.

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    It's resurfaced on Gumtree again.

    I'm curios and might ring later and see what type of character is on the other end of the line.

    Maybe the fleabay buyer pulled out, or something fishy is going on.
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    23rd April 2017
    That’s one nice looking Corrado,has anyone got it

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    An opportunity to get my rado back on the road has a risen and last night it occurred to me that the wheels off this car would be ideal for mine. If the car was legit I could get what I needed and recoup my money from reselling the rest.

    I rang him this morning and it was indeed genuine. He sold it a few weeks for a measly 1200 quid!

    I've been kicking myself for the last few hours. It was well worth it at that money!

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