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Thread: My Corrado 1.8 20v turbo build

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    14th January 2013
    Not a good start to the weekend, as I went into the garage I could smeel petrol. A quick glance under the car revealed a nice pool of petrol.
    The leak was coming from the accumulator pipe that was quite rotten, so no option for it I had to take the pump assembly down to investigate further. Seems that wasn't the only problem. The plastic pump housing was also cracked, admitedly made slightly worse as I was wrestling to remove it.


    So a bit of clever plastic welding with the soldering iron ensued, follwed up with a coat of epoxy resin.



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    14th January 2013
    I'll get a new pipe made up at my local hose company during the week.

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    14th January 2013
    A bit of an update, I've managed to get the intercooler pipe welded up and fitted, I'm just pondering sending it off for powder coating now.


    Also fitted my carbon air intake, it's a Simota one off my old BMW 328 Msport. I made a little bracket for it and secured it to the intercooler pipe.


    I'm just waiting on a silicone hose arriving now for the recirc valve.


    I've also been a little bit busy in the back of the car.
    I made a strut brace with the mountings welded to the strut towers.


    And boarded the rear bench seat area out around my battery after reloacting it to the back of the car. I need to source some carpet now and carpet over it all. I'm trying to make the back of the car look something like the Audi TT Sport Quattro.


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