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Thread: VR6 12V Head for sale FULLY REBUILD

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    VR6 12V Head for sale FULLY REBUILD

    For sale is Fully rebuild Vr6 12V head
    It was done by proffesional shop that works only on cylinder heads,

    - head was cleaned,
    - skimmed,
    - all brand new valves installed (exhaust and intake)
    - all new valve gudes instaled
    - all new valve stems
    - presure tested for leaks and cracks

    Basically it is almost like new cylinder head, ready to bolt on to Your VR6, never installed after all job was done.
    There is plastick bag on last picture with old valves valve steams etc, to proof that they are replaced.

    PRICE IS 399 £


    sold couple of them so far on this forum, also on VR6 OWNERS CLUB FORUM and some on facebook,


    More pictures in 2nd post
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    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Darn it. Are you planning on selling another?

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    Hi there,
    Yes I can do another one, that is no problem, but now I will do it diferent way.
    I can have it done for 399 , Price will include shipping and pay pal fees, but You will have to take Your head off the engine, make a package with it. I will order DPD Courier from Your place, and when I will receive it, I will bring it to the garage that works on cylinder heads. When it will be rady, I will send it back to You.

    You will not pay for any delivery, all You will have to do is just make the package and give me Your addres, where courier can collect the package from You.

    As You can see I am trustworthy TCF usuer, so You can trust me that cylinder head will be redone and resend to You .
    I will also ask for 100 down payment, before I will order courier, and the rest will be paid, when I will have cylinder head ready to resend.

    I am working in car parts store, so I am also able to get You quality parts (gaskets, bolts or anything else) You may need, while You will fix cylinder head gasket.

    PAYMENT BY PAY PAL, so it is completly safe 4 You

    LMK If You are interested
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