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Thread: VR6 Water Cooled Oil Cooler

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    Hi Ian

    as stated above the temp you are recording are not that high I have seen plus 130 on hard drive so for the temps you are recording I wouldnt worry
    93 Bordeaux Pearl VR6 'Verity'
    94 Blackberry VR6 - not anymore
    Project number 28
    94 green 8v

    previous rados
    91 Bordeaux pearl 1.8 16v
    94 Sherry Pearl VR6
    93 Bordeaux pearl VR6
    93 Aqua Blue VR6
    94 Moonlight Blue VR6
    95 Silver 16v 2.0
    95 White 8v
    93 Flash Red
    94 Classic Green VR6
    unknown blackberry VR6
    94 green 8v
    90 green 16v
    94 Black 2.0 16v
    91 Blue 16v
    91 Black G60
    94 Grey 16v
    92 green 16v
    94 Ice Violet VR6

    too many

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlosterOx View Post
    Be interested if it makes any difference, let me know?

    Made no difference that I can tell. A new radiator sure did though. Once it was installed the car ran so cold, I was wondering what the heck was going on. Turns out the PO put in a 75C degree thermoswitch, so I put a stock 95 in which now gets the engine to operating temps as long as its not moving. Driving, its still too cold so I suspect that a low temp tstat was also installed, which I'll now have to replace with an 80C one. This is what typically happens when the fan's first speed fails. Owners don't notice, so they start installing low temp tstats/switches trying to cure the symptom instead of solving the problem.

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