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Thread: 2.0 16v Corrado

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    2.0 16v Corrado

    So after owning a corrado 2 years ago and regret selling it, I wanted another one so I managed to get hold of this back in a rado ! Needs a little work body wise but overall good little on the road project to keep me busy

    Corrado waiting to be picked up

    2 hours later she arrived

    130,000 miles. Going to give her a good clean under the hood with a service aswell. Few little dents to sort out, and a little rust on bottom of passenger wing. Want to give her some lows but tempted to keep the estorils for now as they have been refurbished.

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    Looks great. Enjoy the fix and be prepared for the lower wing rust to have gone through to the body. All repairable but disheartening.
    The Estorils always look good IMO .
    Enjoy sorting her and I hope you give her a name

    95 VR6
    One day she will drive out of my Garage

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    Someyone has done a repair with fibre glass in the past so I'm hoping that's prevented it getting even worse 🤞 little bubbling here and there but nothing major. Ideally would like to get her all re-sprayed in the future but for now I'll do it myself and get it to a better standard. As for the name it would have to be Jess due to the number plate

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    Havnt done much since getting the car as it's stored at my nans for now. But I've bought all new discs and pads and service parts with eurocarparts big January discount. Also noticed the abs light is on so I'm going to plug it in on Wednesday to see what the fault is, hopefully it's will be something easy. Will start getting pictures when I start working on it properly

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    Parts from eurocarparts ready to put on soon once I've sorted the abs light

    Got a couple more pictures in the light

    Few dints in the bonnet and paintwork to sort out but that can be done after it's mechanically sorted

    So tonight I tried to be what was wrong with the abs as the lights on and it a a good starting point seeing as I have the brakes to do. So I ordered myself an adaptor

    But she tried to read the ecu it wouldn't

    This is the scanning tool I'm using

    Everything connected but it was coming up saying it couldn't read ecu. I tried many different things and turning ignition on and off but still wasn't having it. Anyone had this problem before ?

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    The car hasn't been of the road for 2 years but the previous owner had it stored in a garage. The docs and pads are really rusty and nasty, that's why I've got new ones to put on but could this be causing an issue with them being in such a state?

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    Turn the ignition on with your foot on the brake pedal, can you feel it pulsing as the system does its start up checks?

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    Havnt tried it but I will try it tommorow, what would this mean ?

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    If nothing then check relays and fuses behind the glovebox, if its trying then you know you have power at least.

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    Thanks will try it tommorow


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