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Thread: 2.0 16v Corrado

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    So tonight I cracked on with putting my new abs ecu in. I also got the relays, 79 and 179 just to make sure. After installing I started the car to see it had solved the problem. And..... the abs was fixed

    So I was onto the next job
    Looking back at the previous MOT's, the last 2 both had advisorys for a minor oil leak. After a quick look it was obvious it was just the rocker cover gasket. So started taking inlet off to get to it

    After removing the inlet i got the rocker off

    While there off I'm also going to give them a clean and possibly a lick of paint to tidy the engine up a little

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    Finally got round to finishing the inlet. I would love a polished one but I havnt got the patience to do all that sanding and polishing. So for now I painted it black with the red details.

    Nearly ready for mot. I'm working through the list to get it ready so then I can at least use it but also do bits to it at the same time.
    Next job was the rusty arch. The only really bad part on the car. Someyone had done a bad bodge job to pass the last mot so I wanted to take the wing off and do a decent repair.
    After a lot of shouting as the two 17mm bolts that hold the front bumper on wouldn't come out. I finally got it off

    I'm hoping I can do a decent repair and blend the paint in, if not I'll sand it all down and paint the entire panel.

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    Havnt updated in while as work has been manic and has stopped me doing as much as I liked, would of liked it to be done now but she's getting there.

    So I got the wing of and bought a repair kit which had all the filler and ally mesh I need to do the repair. So I got cracking with the repair and have been doing little bits throughout the week. This is where it's at now.

    Looking a lot better, very happy with the result. All primered now ready to be flattend and then I can give it a top coat.

    And today this arrived !

    Will be installing this and the new lambda sensor when the wing is finished and on.

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    Managed to get the wing on this weekend and very happy with how it's turned out. Just needs to overspray taking off and the paint blending in.

    Next was the exhaust I had to get the grinder out to get the old one out as it wasn't coming apart.

    New one going on

    Also started on the painted, I used g3 scratch remover which removed the first layer and the difference was amazing. Picture doesn't really do it justice but the furthest part of the roof I had done and the closest wasn't done. It looks a lot better. Just needs a good polish now.

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    Top work. I have a couple of de-cat pipes that would go well with that exhaust if you're interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by odub View Post
    Top work. I have a couple of de-cat pipes that would go well with that exhaust if you're interested
    Cheers dude I was looking at them but wasn't sure whether you can take one off a car if it comes with one. I thought it might fail MOT if I took it off. If not then I may possible do it.

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    It should fail an mot but they do open up a bit more power when tuned properly

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    Seeing as I was off today I thought I'd crack on with getting the corrado back together for it's MOT. And she passed with no advisories ! Absolutely made up and drives amazing

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    Looks great, nice repair on the wing
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    Quote Originally Posted by easypops View Post
    Looks great, nice repair on the wing
    Cheers dude still needs some rubbing down yet. Also done that front corner of the bumper which has blended in nicely


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