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Thread: 30 years of the Corrado

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    30 years of the Corrado

    Hi All

    Here at VW Heritage we are looking to do something to celebrate 30 years of the Corrado. It will possibly be a little photoshoot with one or a few cars depending on interest and a story regarding them.

    We would be looking for people with lovely Corrados to get involved. I have no other details yet as we have not organised anything as of yet. If you would be interested then please post in here. A photoshoot ideally would be in the Kent, Sussex, Hampshire area as its not too far from us here,

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    1st July 2008
    Hi Anna
    I’m in Easr Hampshire and might be available for something
    Sounds good

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    30 years of the Corrado

    I’m in Hampshire, and dependent on date, would be available.


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    28th January 2013
    Weald of Kent
    I’m in Kent. Very interested, but obviously date dependent.
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    Thanks for the interest guys. I will pass that onto Andy here, it will be him arranging it. I think probably once the weather gets a little better also.

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    1st May 2014
    Hever, Kent, United Kingdom
    Kent, happy depending on dates!

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    19th March 2009
    Declans car is v nice, i've seen in the flesh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by culshaw View Post
    Declans car is v nice, i've seen in the flesh.
    thank you, very kind!

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    Surrey here so Kentr is fine. Interested depending on dates.
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    14th December 2010
    near sheffield
    Hi Anna. What date might you be looking at.
    4th one surely the last

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