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Thread: Rolling Arches

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    Rolling Arches

    i want to get my rear arches rolled,,,,,whas the best place near me in the south east to do it,,,ive just had one my arches painted slightly and the other ones mint so want to get them rolled without damaging the paint,,,ideally need this mods to house some 16x9 hopefully.......rough prices of what i should be paying for the pair would be great too


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    Im guessing you mean rolled as in just getting the inner lip rolled back. I have never seen this done where the paint doesnt crack. I have even tired it myself many times using a lot of differant methods, including lots of heat, and the paint still cracks. This will allow water to get in and start to rust under the paint.
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    Yeah I tried having all that done with my old mk3 golf, the only safe way is to have it rolled then the panel resprayed. Most body shops should be able to do that but sorry can't recommend any in London. Springfields in Guildford are good though, crash repair center for VW in Sly Field Industrial estate
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    cheers for all the info and help guys

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    my corrado had its wheel arches rolled by previous owner a guy called andy (the golfmeister 07801477793) he had a good job done and the paint is still perfect
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    how many of u guys running 9x16 rims and what type of mods have you done to your arches to accomodate these wheels ???

    thanks in advance

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    This is the guy that has done alot of Asim's car:

    Payne's In Iver, Bucks.
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    Storm, cheers mate was thinking of giving these guys a call anyway.... heard big things abt them

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    How well do you reckon this works?

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    robhearne, loooks pretty good,, prob work quite well if u heat u0p the paint....... anyone kno anyone in my area with one

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