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Thread: My White 91 Corrado G60 Rieger Widebody kit

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    Wink My White 91 Corrado G60 Rieger Widebody kit

    Hey im new here just think to put in on my Rado i have had for 9years now, first it was a vr6 swap but orginal g60, but here in norway the rules are stupid so im now swaping it back to a g60 for some years before im gonna import a vr6 from sweden or something so i can get the corrado legal whit vr6:-) i know many hate the widebody kit but i love it so please dont judge!! every people have diffurint tast!,

    the car is a 91 had it as a said for 9years now just it 7month when i got it and started fixing it up because many wrongs in paint and the engine was trashed, put a new vr6 in and painted the car in vw white whit blue pearl in it awsome color, the rims is rondell 18 whit spacers(yes its not good! want 17ins 17x11 back and 9.5 in front! maybe next year) so now im working on the g60 engine and almost ready for firing, sorry for some bad english(from norway)



    When i started the Loooooong Fix (3-4years)


    AND NOW PRESENT DAY Februar-Mars


    thanks for me i will post pic of the prosess and i hope to get it on the road soon! next year i hope to buy some new rims but it cost freaking much!:-O

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    I like the wide body kit. Gets better with age and looks brilliant

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    Certainly not to everyones taste but welcome along. The paint looks like a very good job

    If you go back to 4 stud I have some borbet a in 17s that are 7.5 and 10s
    93 Bordeaux Pearl VR6 'Verity'
    94 Blackberry VR6 - not anymore
    Project number 28
    94 green 8v

    previous rados
    91 Bordeaux pearl 1.8 16v
    94 Sherry Pearl VR6
    93 Bordeaux pearl VR6
    93 Aqua Blue VR6
    94 Moonlight Blue VR6
    95 Silver 16v 2.0
    95 White 8v
    93 Flash Red
    94 Classic Green VR6
    unknown blackberry VR6
    94 green 8v
    90 green 16v
    94 Black 2.0 16v
    91 Blue 16v
    91 Black G60
    94 Grey 16v
    92 green 16v
    94 Ice Violet VR6

    too many

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    Yeah welcome along Doffy - car looks great, some parts of that kit they got right, other bits I scratch my head a little but a great bit of 90's nostalgia

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilfuzzer View Post
    Certainly not to everyones taste but welcome along. The paint looks like a very good job

    If you go back to 4 stud I have some borbet a in 17s that are 7.5 and 10s
    gonna keep the 5studs,, but thanks!


    Im having problems whit finding some stuff out so can some one please help me to take som photos of there car?? i need to now where the wiring on the coil is suppost to be and if its just 3 wiring? and the vaccum hose from the speedo and ecu is just going to vacuum on the engine?
    AND to the car have a lose ignition controller? i cant find it on my car,

    Is the green and red socket going in the negativ on the coil and the black on on posetiv ?
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    Proper marmite car but I like it, good job
    20v Turbo, Audi TT Leather, 17" BBS, 330mm front discs with Brembo;s, 256mm rear, Digital dash in development

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    No judgements made here. Just happy to see another Rado rolling on down the road and the owner having fun.

    I like the kit overall, and white is always a good colour on a modded car. I love the wheels to. Top job indeed!

    I'd like to see what it looks like from the rear if you can post some more photos up sometime.

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    Great work....always loved Reiger widebody kits on any car
    Corrado VR6 Storm
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    thanks guys! i can post pic of the rear when i get the car out, im having problems starting the car no spark or the injectors are not opening:-/

    some one you now where this 2 wires goes? the yellow one is from the engine bay the other is from under the dashbord.


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    I think I like it body wise as mentioned it’s a like it or don’t.
    Not much help with your issue for starting/coil etc, other than I had a similar problem with distributed coil version and went OBD2 from 96-99 golf with new coil pack etc. Starts every time and runs great. Vince helped a bit mind but others have said it’s possible to diy and is far more reliable.
    3rd one, for ever, maybe

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