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Thread: Car and classic Storm

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanl82 View Post
    Just the one set Martin, you've usually got about six of everything! lol
    Ha ha Sean, just one set mate, can’t be many out there.
    I do have obscene amounts of some things, I was looking at my light accumulation recently and even I was surprised by how many I have
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    Quote Originally Posted by easypops View Post
    Canít really say, letís just say it came from a very nice guy, a real Corrado enthusiast

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    I spoke to the owner nice fella and got some additional photos as I was interested, what the add doesn't mention is that it has rust on the rear where the storm badge should be fitted under the Corrado badge, and behind the front O/S wheel it looks like there has been some dodgy body work repair to rust too. Interior is immaculate though, engine bay is tidy but again looks like it has stood for a while as the is surface rust in odd places.

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    Going to guess then that the Corrado badge is missing a grommet or two and it's allowed water in around that area which has caused the rust.

    Does seem fairly strong money given the mileage and the rust if I'm honest.

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