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Thread: Speedo not working

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    Speedo not working

    Hi guys my speedo isn't working on my 1.8t AGU. The car was a 9a before with electronic speed sensor not the cable type. I've plugged in the gearbox connector and tried 2 different sensors and still nothing. Am I missing something? I've got code P0501/16885 and did have 00515 camshaft sensor but that has cleared and not come back.

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    Have you tried the suggestions regarding the retrieved code?

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    Well I don't know exactly where the other end of the wire goes to, ECU? In which case there's no way it's not plugged in. And I'm under the impression the ABS wheel sensor is irrelevant? The ECU gets its speed from the gearbox right?

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    Can anyone help me with this?

    I've narrowed it down to the VSS plug not giving me 12v ignition live. 5v signal works and ground has continuity. Does anyone know where the 12v comes from (G22)?

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    The 12v comes from the ignition live feed, benley shows the same feed as the ECM IGN live, its a black wire that comes from G1/4 of the fuse box (thick wire from fuse then spliced to a smaller black wire)

    For my 1.8T conversion, the signal to the gearbox sensor went direct to the cluster to drive the speedo and didnt go to the engine ECU.

    This time I have wired it so the signal T's off and also runs to the ECU (but its not running yet).
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    I'll check G1/4 then thanks. It's a white/black wire from the connector so does it go to ECU and then to fusebox as a solid black? I hate auto electronics

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    G1/4 is wired to the clutch switch which I don't even have. I've figured out it's wired for a mk4 so it goes from pin 1 on the vss BLK/WHT to t14a/2 BLK/GRN and then from there I can't find a diagram to help me locate. All I've got is it goes to b163?

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    There is a chap named rubjonny - a moderator on the Club GTi forum - who has accrued many useful documents: have a rummage:

    Look for something like g3vr6ecu95on.pdf - keep scrolling down, and more items are listed.

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    I've already been through rubjonny's repository and I've basically now realised whoever has done the loom has put the 12v feed absolutely anywhere and I don't think I'll find it. Regardless I'm not getting 12v. I'll check my fuses and then I'll run a new 12v. Any recommendations on the best place for ignition live? The closer to the gearbox the better I guess

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    It does say it goes up positive connection 1 (15), in interior wiring harness. But I have no idea where and what this is

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