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Thread: VW Scirocco & Corrado - new book recently published

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    VW Scirocco & Corrado - new book recently published

    There’s a new book recently published - VW Scirocco & Corrado ‘The Sporty Volkswagen' by Joachim Kuch. The book is 96 pages, with the Corrado not getting a mention until pages 72-89. Text is in German, but some great pictures from original concept to variants (Zender cabrio, Magnum etc etc).

    Only £10.50 on Amazon. I’d recommend the book to any other avid fans of the Corrado.
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    Looks good - handy if you can read German like me! The other good one in German is the big Corrado Book, that was recently reprinted - great colour pictures and cutaways with some rare factory archive photos - not too much on the VR though as that had just come out when the book was first published.

    The black and white paperback of press articles in English isn't great - mainly US stuff, but good for completeness.

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    Unfortunately my German is somewhat limited, but then again I was always better with books that had lots of pictures.

    This book is a lot smaller and not to the same standard as Das Grosse Buch, but a worthwhile addition to any collection. As above, most of the Corrado chapter is focused on G60.
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    Just like a golf................But better!!!

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    You can always use Google Translate, there's a feature that allows you to use your camera which translates up to 38 different languages in real time!!

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