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Thread: Robert's Corrado G60 Autobody restoration

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    Small update... sorry no pics yet.
    All glass came out perfect.
    Tiny surface rust area around lower drivers side corner rear hatch - common area. Other than that all good.

    Major issue
    As the windshield was getting pulled, the seal at the top drivers side corner fractured.
    I need a windshield seal now.

    Time to go one the hunt - I'm open to suggestions...
    Robert Libbey, RMT
    91 Toffee Grey G60

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    Small update,
    Bullet Auto was able to get the windshield with the moulding etc so we have everything we need.

    FYI there were only 2 Corrado windshields in all of the USA and Canada in the glass ordering system. I know there are some that are on Vortex etc, but if you actually wanted to order glass from Speedy, Broco etc, the system they use for ordering only had 2.
    Now there is 1! LOL

    There was only a very small area of surface rust in the rear hatch where the glass contacted the lower drivers corner. That's all fixed now.

    VR6 Hood has been properly restored as has my original G60.

    Contact areas for the glass are getting prepped and car is possibly getting primered this week!

    I also kept the rust panel as a souvenir...LOL!

    Robert Libbey, RMT
    91 Toffee Grey G60

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    Robert Libbey, RMT
    91 Toffee Grey G60

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    VR6 Hood Got some Paint Love today!
    And so it begins...IMG_20180613_191955.jpg
    Robert Libbey, RMT
    91 Toffee Grey G60

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    10th September 2004
    Will be like new when you're done. Keep up the efforts!
    VR6 Auto to manual conversion, beige leather, aircon, TT comps, blue dash lights & switches, Koni TA/Nothelle springs, OBD2, 264 cams, Schrick

    my car

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    NEW Pics and Video fo the car getting base coated have been added to the album!
    Go see them!
    Robert Libbey, RMT
    91 Toffee Grey G60

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    CAR HAS PAINT and it looks awesome.
    Needs to have some "orange peel" removed. Painter put on 3 coats of clear, so we have room to sand and smooth out the finish.

    Have been deciding on whether or not to put back the original antenna or something else.
    I have a stubby antenna coming that is only about 2 inches long that attaches to the original base.
    I have a new longer OEM looking antenna.
    I have a FIN that connects to the original base. We are painting the FIN same colour as car, so will see how we like it.

    Some people don't like the fin, some do... Initially I hated it but it's growing on me as I look at other cars with them.
    Pics over 1MB won't load, so you'll have to go here to see more info and pics:'s-corrado-g60-autobody-restoration/60/

    Robert Libbey, RMT
    91 Toffee Grey G60

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    20th April 2003
    North London
    Very nice

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    16th April 2006
    Looks fantastic! - loving the colour

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