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Thread: Wanted: VR6 coilpack engine loom or immob bypassed late ECU

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    Wanted: VR6 coilpack engine loom or immob bypassed late ECU

    Hi folks,

    I'm changing my car from dizzy to coilpack, but the ECU and engine bay loom I have aren't compatible.

    So I'm looking for a coilpack engine loom ('93 onwards/pre '95).

    OR an immob bypassed late ECU.

    Thanks! Phil.
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    You need the right ecu for your engine. Ag is the early coilpack (without immobiliser) and cp is the late (with immo). From memory there is a tab on the ag ecu so you can't plug it in, think I cut it off when I bought wrong ecu years ago but then you have a different maf so won't run 100%

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    Hey Phil, I changed mine from OBD1 to OBD2 so I have the OBD1 ECU and loom somewhere in my garage, the fabric tape needs a bit of tidying up but it should all be there. Mine is '94 so shes a coilpack VR6
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    If eugopnosaj has no luck finding the loom, I took should have a coil pack engine loom from my old '95 VR6 going spare. It's the piece of loom from the big round multi-pin connector which goes to the injectors, etc etc.

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    You can still buy it new as well - mine arrived a few weeks back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geeba View Post
    You can still buy it new as well - mine arrived a few weeks back.
    How much was it mate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by easypops View Post
    How much was it mate?
    Ermmmm about £90 I think with help from Anna

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