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Thread: Cleaning a gearbox

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    CF Nutter
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    15th October 2009

    Cleaning a gearbox

    Ive got a gearbox to fit to my car but its very dirty.any tips on cleaning it will a jet wash cause problems i dont want to get water in it.cheers
    1990 1.8 16v white

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    CF Nutter rado20vT's Avatar
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    4th November 2005
    In my garage, somewhere near the top of Suffolk
    The only area to worry about is the speedo drive

    I cleaned mine with a mix of comma hyper clean, cillit bang and a pressure washer
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    CF Nutter
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    15th October 2009
    Its not got a speedo drive or selector tower so i will have to try and block these up.

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    Go buy a couple liters of diesel and wipe it on. Best parts washer out there.

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