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Thread: Selling J709 JAB + Many Parts

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    Selling J709 JAB + Many Parts

    Hi everyone, I've had my G60 in pieces for years (Sat in My Garage for 14 years), I've kept buying bits but stopped when first born arrived. I think its time to sell, new baby and I need my garage back, for work & the dining room/Corrado parts storage area!
    The Corrado is in amazing condition there's NO rust, NO pinking the bright red looks new!
    Even the Spoiler is in great shape
    original, apart from:
    I have all the genuine original parts boxed up and ready to go, the engine is sat on the Garage Bench unfitted since reworked to 2.0L with Wossner pistons, Piper adjustable Cam, Mk4 exhaust valves, new oil pump - All engine cleaning and setting done by Ian Myers, York.
    All engine parts are from Jabba Sport, apart from oil pump - Ian Sourced that New. I've all the boxes.
    The car itself is Tornado Red, just over 100k miles, sun roof, Bonnet off and most pieces are boxed up up and all powder coated in Black - Ian Jemison, Bishopthorpe, York
    Spoiler works beautifully.
    Rear Beam is powerder coated and fitted to car with New Unused Eibach lower anti Roll Bar set.
    Supercharger is a 6 vein (According to Elton & someone else I forgot - was a long time back @ Jabba Sport)because when the car was new it had a new superseeded version fitted under warranty, its also stage 4 from Jabba Sport with serial number. I've used the car with Charger a few years ago since stage 4 - Perfect as is everything else on the car!!!!
    Used Jabba Sport Induction Kit & Laser cut heatshield
    Jabba Sport: Brembo Brakes - Black - Disks, Callipers & pads - Set New Unused Boxed
    OEM parts: new Mk4 Golf Rear Callipers & pads
    Used only by me BBS RX - 17 inch 7.5" Alloys ET35 - Refinished by Ian Jemison - Look Better than new!!
    With New Yokohama Paradas Spec-2
    I have all sorts: New Corrado Mud flaps, Neuspeed Front Strut Brace, all the genuine original parts - Please ask & come and have a look @ my home in York.
    When I say NEW I mean NEW - Boxed is unused Box fresh
    Former Corrado Club Of Great Britain member number: 2180
    Some Might remember me from back in the day?
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    Could you send me some pictures and price for the wheels please. Thanks

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    Whats the diff?

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    Its a brand new, Peloquin LS differential from Jabba Sport in its original box with the fitting kit

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    Interested in the diff, vibra technics mounts and water pump; prices? Can collect. Cheers

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    Interested in the anti role bars, wheels, and strut brace if I could have prices please

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    Interested in the wiper mechanism

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    Can you post more pics of parts available and prices please?

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    I am new to this but have owned my G60 for 16 years.. I am in the process of bringing her back to life.. been in a garage for 12 years. I am after some fog lights for a K plate G60 1991, also after roof trims. please help

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