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Thread: Facebook vs Forum

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    Facebook vs Forum

    I don't know if this has been mentioned on here but clearly the forum is not the place it used to be. The majority of Corrado type reading is now on Facebook etc which has its merits. You can get more live feedback from people, it is easy to upload pictures etc.

    However there are no build threads anymore, you cannot do that easily on a facebook page. A lot of the pleasure i get from this community is following how people have developed their car and also being able to have a 'diary' of my own car.

    Does anyone else feel this may end up going full circle and eventually we may all return to posting on here.

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    Iv just started coming on a bit again and agree the build threads are better here and the nicer cars seem to be on here too

    I still update my thread to keep a diary of it all ! Most of the pics have gone from it god knows why which is dissapointing

    Face book is good for quick access and quick replys though

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    Cant stand Facebook... way to many pictures of peoples dinners, beds, pets, and generally people airing their dirty washing and political views... none of which I give a t0ss about.

    Forum for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geeba View Post
    Cant stand Facebook... way to many pictures of peoples dinners, beds, pets, and generally people airing their dirty washing and political views... none of which I give a t0ss about.

    Forum for me.
    Never used face book.... forum all the way for me too....
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    I think photo bucket pretty much single handedly ruined forums. All the info, all the projects gone in 1 swoop. I think it will take a long time for people to pick forums up again but eventually it will come back.

    Facebook is good for sharing photo's but there's so much crap that once you've seen it, it's gone forever. You can't just search for that thread about overheating or poor idle, or even members threads.

    I do try to keep mine updated but barely manage to do anything on it these days!

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    I’m on both but rarely ever post on Facebook, although I have bought a few things
    I far prefer on here but it’s definitely quieter than it used to be but I’m hoping that it does go full circle as you’ve matter, I’ll be here anyway
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    never used Facebook either - don't trust it at all and never will (part of big brother watching you)
    as mentioned above just seems to be full of bull [email protected]@t and people abusing other people

    Forums all day long although big brother may still be watching you!!

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    I don't have Facebook and don't need it. Forum all the way

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    Don't use facebook and still come on here a couple of times a day. I did sway to Instagram and find that quite good as a build thread. No posting of personal stuff, just updates on my Golf.

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    I don’t use Facebook although sometimes feel I should as probably missing out on info / news on meets and shows etc
    Would much rather use this forum though
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