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Thread: Facebook vs Forum

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    It's an interesting discussion, one that the CCGB committee have had numerous times without a huge amount of success.

    Personally, I feel there are a couple of key changes that have happened.

    Firstly, a lot of the main guys who would regularely update projects or do major mods to their cars have simply moved on to other things. Leaving people (myself included) who don't really do things that often but instead do a couple of jobs on the car a year. This means the constant tick over of information on the forum slows down/stops so people stop visiting as often.

    Secondly, there isn't the banter and off topic threads like there used to be. Whether that is because people don't know each other as well as we used to or that you can get that from facebook now I'm unsure. Some of the real forum characters no longer visit that often either.

    Thirdly, The number of cars have diminished. The reality is there has been a drop in the number of rado's still on the road, and those that are tend to now be weekend cars rather than daily drivers needing constant maintenance etc.

    I'm not sure what the answer is either. More Ham & Cheese? Be interesting to hear people's thoughts on the matter
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    I far prefer the forums over FB. I just don't use FB for anything. I used to be quite a prolific poster here but I only occasionally pop in now. I still have the Corrado but life has been insanely busy the last few years and I simply don't have the time to go to shows or other meets much. So my activity on the forum has also slowed.
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    Another vote for the forum, I got utterly bored of FB.

    FB was good at first, but then became full of people that feel the need to constantly tell the world how great their lives are... yawn!

    I love reading some of the old build threads on the forum, just a shame that so many photos appear to have been lost.
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    (Marmite / Facebook)
    You either love it or hate it.
    For me personally I'm not a huge fan of Marmite

    It's this Forum all the way.

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    This forum is better than Facebook, but l can not load photos on here (not computer literate)
    Am selling my Corrado but not interested (not putting on eBay to much like hard work),if l could put photos on here l think it will sell as it is in excellent condition

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    Forum for me as well, never really got into facebook so don't think i'm missing out.

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    I do use both , but the forum will always be king for me . it’s a great forum no doubt about it .

    92 VR6 . DBP. She will never be a show car ..... But will be up there with the best of em .

    The bmw seems invincible in isolation . But along side the corrado - a modern classic , we think- it has its work cut out . Autocar 1992.

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    What FB sites are people looking at?

    Out of curiosity, I had a quick look on FB last night for the first time in years - didnít realise there were so many Corrado related sites. That said, I stand by my previous comment that FB is full of loads of #*!?

    Still rate Forum over everything else - big thanks to admins 👍

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    I'm connected to a couple of them, but I don't like the format over there at all. (Corrado Classifieds) (Corrado Classifieds)

    I'd suggest that if you know anyone who wants to do a build thread on facebook, that the best format for that is to create a page for the car, then you can use that page to document things over time, and people can comment on the individual posts. At least you know they're not deleting your data, unlike photobucket

    I prefer forums.

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    FB is only full of people posting photos of their dinner etc if thatís what you choose to follow!
    Itís very easy to unfollow someone but remain friends if their content isnít interesting. I barely see anything other than posts from various car groups.

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