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Thread: Changing the engine dials hard?

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    Changing the engine dials hard?

    Hi Guys,

    Im new here and I am helping my father with his project car (1991 G60). I have noticed that somebody along the line has changed the stock/OEM engine dials to a horrid white set. Im looking into sourcing a set of original/OEM dials and replacing them. Is there a guide to doing this and is it hard to do? I just want to swap the dials and not the mechanism behind them ( to keep the mileage true ).


    Picture of the Project


    OK so I sorta answered my own question via DDI
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    I think you can just take the clocks out and apart and remove the rings around the dials and then remove the faces

    If you manage to do this job and you can keep the white dials in good condition id be interested in buying them
    Let me know

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    Not sure what happened to my post it just vanished?! but in any case I answered my own question via DDI.

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