So the car was in the bodyshop and my sunroof mech broke (one of the wheels on the hammer thing snapped). I purchased a working replacement, the guy that sold it lubed it up for me and it was all working when delivered to the bodyshop.

Now that it has been installed in my car by the bodyshop with the lid in it's no longer retracting - it never has since installation. It will go up but not back. There's resistance stopping it going backwards.

The bodyshop couldn't fix and haven't charged any labour but it's now back with me and I'd like to fix it. The headlining is all out as it needs retrimming so now is a good time to get this sorted.

I have my old mech at home and it slides back and forth fine.

The other thing I noticed - with the interior panel slid out of the way I can see a slither of daylight between the sunroof seal and the sunroof aperture. My seal is quite hardened - assume I just need a new seal? The gutter thing on the internal interior panel seems to capture any water and sends it down the drainage channel.