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Thread: New Leather Corrado Gear Knob will pay £100

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    New Leather Corrado Gear Knob will pay £100

    As above anyone have a spare new black Corrado Gear Knob will pay £100 for one
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    Whilst Marshalls do not seem to have a RHD pair in stock at the moment they do have a new N/S RHD mirror if that's any good to you.

    No idea if the LHD mirrors can be fashioned for use on RHD.

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    Any one able to help

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    Used to be available on E Bay US?

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    Ben trying there too without much success

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    Saw a gear knob on eBay from a Greek seller recently. I know people have bought from them before with no problems. Think it was about £65. If your sruggling I just bought a leather cover for mine, put it on with a bit of steam and in fairness it looks great
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