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Thread: Hpi clear

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    Hpi clear

    looking at some ads for Corrados and a good few have got a cat c/d against them
    My Corrado has been checked and HIP clear.
    So how many Corrados out there which are HPI clear

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    Same here, so that's at least 2
    Just like a golf................But better!!!

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    £20 for a half thorough check! gesssss... I can see as an ex-panel beater that every panel is the original, as is most of the paint and all the chassis parts I had powder-coated were date marked the same year as the car, I doubt the car has any finance on it and I know where its been for the past 19 years

    Think I'll spend that 20 spot on beers
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    Have seen some ads which has a cat c/d against it because the window has been smashed or door locks damage and radio stolen 10/15 years ago but the cost of the repair was to no panel damage,
    As l work for a dealership l don't pay for the HPI, I thought the cost of a HPI was 4/3 pounds???
    When l removed my dash found the build date on the inside of dash
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    I bought a lovely VR that had an insurance marker on it due to someone nicking the front leather electric recaros out of it. Insurer had merely got a quote from VW for 2 new ones and then looked at the book price for the car! I think from memory the seats were priced at around £6k in the quote! Car written off as uneconomic! I bought the car without hesitation for a little bit less than market value. The standard issue beige leather seats that had gone back in were great. It will always put some people off though.
    Even minor parking knocks write them off nowadays unless you can argue value rather than book price with insurance company. Shame

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