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Thread: ABS triggering on light braking...

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    Thanks both, a couple of things to look for -- I'll update!

    Cheers, David

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    I took a look at my ABS issue over the weekend, and the right front ring has rust on it in some areas, while the left is perfectly clean. Looks like the sensor is scraping against the ring in places causing the ring to rust where it makes contact, which then causes the ABS to kick in when its not needed. I used a screwdriver to try and slightly bend the ring out of the way of the sensor. But as I looked at it, I wondered how could it be that one ring is touching in places and the other isn't all things being equal.
    It occurred to me that maybe the axle nut on the right side wasn't torqued up, allowing things to shift ever so slightly when the wheel steers, so I got a socket on it and it spun 1/8 of a turn with a quick impact burst. So I think it might not have been fully torqued down. Now that that's been done, no more ABS sensor scraping noises and no more ABS kicking in after making a sharp turn, especially in reverse. Car feels more solid on the road as well. Got to make sure those axle nuts are properly torqued. I usually put a black felt marker line across the nut and end of axle after torqueing them to be able to easily see if they are backing out, but I forgot to do it to this one. On to the next issue...

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    Progress... of sorts.

    So, I found the ABS ECU (1HO 907 379E) and had a look, and there does seem to be a bit of water damage on the PCB (bottom, left of centre). Checked connector terminals and all looked shiny and bright. Put back together, and reconnected the front sensor that I had pulled to stop ABS triggering. Now ABS light is firmly on, doesn't flicker at all on startup and no signs of ABS doing self test. So, does that mean the ECU is dead, or does the ABS system have to be reset in some way after having been run with a sensor unplugged?

    Good job I've got plenty of time until the next MOT!

    Cheers, David

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidMeredith View Post
    So, does that mean the ECU is dead, or does the ABS system have to be reset in some way after having been run with a sensor unplugged?
    If the ECU was dead, I don't think the ABS light would come on at all as I think the ECU is what triggers it, but if I recall correctly, some ABS codes are persistent, so even after a repair is made, the code needs to be cleared with VAGCOM to get the ABS light to shut off, but I don't recall which ones are...

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    To answer your question David, no the ABS won't need resetting after disconnecting and reconnecting a sensor. Should just be able to plug back in - check procedure will detect it's connected on start-up again.

    I suggest clean the contacts of the one you unplugged. If you were driving around for any length of time with them disconnected there's a chance you could have collected dirt in there.

    I'm doing some ABS whispering myself, similar symptoms. will update on here when I get to the bottom of it...
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    Mine does the exact same thing, been doing it for years and it's the ABS pedal sensor on the master cylinder. Well known for the connections to go crusty inside and there's a write up on here how to take it apart and clean it but I've got a full teves20 system to go on so never bothered. I think Stealth do a repair service on them

    My symptom is when I'm at a relatively low speed I get a humming noise like a compressor with the ABS in full action. As soon as I touch the brake pedal its full brakes, annoying as hell but I've learn't to live with it. Also just to add, my ABS light is off as well.

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    Mine was also an issue with the pedal sensor. Got lucky with a secondhand replacement and all has been well since.
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    Yeah, those are the symptoms Swifkid. And I had my BPPS repaired by Stealth too. Not too difficult to remove if you have a kebab skewer handy to unseat the circlip.

    As well as that, diagnostics also suggested that front OS sensor and Rear NS sensor and Ring were faulty on mine. After replacing all parts with new and clearing codes, ABS began triggering consistently upon braking at low speeds.

    On the off chance that I might find a quick fix, I cleaned up the old front sensor with WD40 and switched out the new one. One month later all is well, ABS light is behaving and I pray to the corrado gods every night.

    To summarise, considering this and that there were no signs of mechanical failure to the Rear Ring, I recommend cleaning those pesky sensors before replacing – the fronts are accessible without removing, the rears aren’t accessible without popping off the brake calliper etc.

    Hope that helps someone.
    It isn't pollution that's harming the environment.
    It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it..

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    As promised, an update... rather delayed as I took the car off the road for the winter months as I wasn't using it much and the ABS light was now on all the time.

    Anyway, earlier this month I finally bit the bullet and took it up to Stealth Racing. Diagnostics showed all manner of issues - the pedal position sensor, the ABS pump and most of the sensors. Just over a week later, and I had a heavily refurbed / renewed and most importantly working ABS system. Plus as a bonus, a much improved gearshift action, so thanks to Vince / the guys at Stealth!

    Driving the Corrado again after a bit of time away did remind me what lovely cars they are :-)

    Cheers, David

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