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    Coil Pack

    Looking for a coil pack for my VR6 automatic VW Part Number 357 904 104 / Bosch Number 0221601006 - hopefully someone on here can help


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    16th April 2006
    Its still available new from motor factors..

    I'd wait for a GSF or Euro weekend code and get 50% off.

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    Hi Geeba, thank you for your suggestion but sadly that is not the part on my car (VW Part No 357 905 104)- I'm unsure if the part was specific to the automatic and that may explain the difference; tired a non OEM part but while externally it looked the same internally it was not - wierd, hence my search for an OEM VW/Bosch part

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    16th April 2006
    Hi Red

    Mine is also an auto... we ll kind of, started life as one... that part comes up if search for a coil pack for it.


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    Righto off to stt looking again - many thanks Geeba

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