Hi, I have been nursing this old alarm system for nearly 20 years on a VW, so I know it well. But it is stange that one key fob works perfectly but the other never unlocks or locks the doors on the fist press, even though the led lights on the fob. It can need 5 or 6 pushes before it operates the locks. Once it has done that just once it become opreational again however and will lock and unlock the doors at every press. After an undetermined period of no use, the fob fails to work first time again. I have searched all the forums I can find but have not seen this effect mentioned anywhere. Has anyone any experience of this. Also, does any one know wat the trimmer is for inside the fob and how it should be set. I have tried all positions of this hoping I could find a sweet spot but the intermittant working still returns.

Thank you for reading. P