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Thread: 1995 Corrado VR6 Breaking VW MS VSR..., LSD, H&R coilovers, Big Valve Hd, Shrick cam

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawyer6 View Post
    I rely on this lil gizmo, jus turn the knob and the battery is disconnected, cost pennies
    Was there supposed to be a hyperlink?

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    I think he means one of these?

    A 10 mm spanner is cheaper, neater and more useful for other things? There’s probably one in your boot but more useful relocated to the underbonnet area?
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    Was trying to load a pic but didnt realize it hadnt loaded! But yeah Dox guessed it right. Problem wid a spanner is that it may go missing and its still a bit fiddly especially wen your pride and joy is going up goin up in smoke!

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    I've got one like this... my insurance small print say I need a cut off switch. It's worth checking your insurance if you have classic car insurance or a laid up policy.
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    What would you want individualy for the cams and the big valve head? and also postage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by captainredeye View Post
    What would you want individualy for the cams and the big valve head? and also postage.
    I think Easypops owns them now Ben
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    I am after a breather damper if you have one available

    Part No. 021133429A

    Also need a black parcel shelf and front VR6 badge if you have them



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    Not looking for any spares right now matey, but sorry to hear what happened. You must be gutted.
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    How much for the Vibratechnics mounts and the front crossmember
    Would need them couriered or posted if poss
    Cheers craig

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    Just trying to get my head round what caused this poor chaps fire, when he says HVAC is that the air conditioning ?
    Can anyone speculayte in laymans temrs what happened and about diconnecting the battery ? Cheers.

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