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Thread: Do I want to daily a Corrado VR6?

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    Quote Originally Posted by delfinis38 View Post
    What's the annual mileage ?
    A lot lower than it used to be these days. I'd say around 5.5-6k a year.......
    Almost an off the shelf Moonlight Blue Pearl Metallic VR6.
    Got Lupo wipers, an upgraded headlight loom and
    Inpro Clear/Red rear clusters.

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    Until a couple of months ago mine was a very occasional car with only 1k to 2k miles per year. But owing to a major issue with my Golf it has turned into my daily recently. It's not as hard to live with as you would expect. But it's certainly not refined like a modern car. However the biggest issue is that these are old cars now and there has been a series of little things breaking and needing repair since I've been using it more (wing mirror motor, abs sensor, wiper arm).

    So I would say they are a little too old to run as a daily unless you can fix them yourself and are prepared to fix little niggling things.

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