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My theory is that large, heavy wheels with incorrect offsets, combined with low suspension and excess camber can cause an issue with the wheel bearing housings where a tiny bit of play can develop between the bearing and the housing. My first Corrado had a very strange issue when I bought it where backing up and turning would cause a loud "crack" sound from both sides of the front of the car, almost like a gun shot. I could feel the vibration in my feet, and it had a slight springy sound as well, so I figured it was a loose suspension component, vibrating the spring.

But replacing all that made no difference. It was a difficult problem to diagnose, since it was such a weird, unnatural problem that you likely would never see but for lowered vehicles with oversized wheels, which mine had when I got it. I got rid of those wheels, and put a normal suspension in the car, and swapped the housings for a pair of used Passat housings I found, and this instantly cured the problem. I think a lot of people make dumb modifications that result in bizarre failures you won't ever see otherwise, and these can be very difficult to diagnose, like worn/warped wheel bearing housing bores.
You might be on to something here as like you say, if the geometry is way out or is left out for long periods, it possibly could cause slight damage to the wheel hub housing ?
Who knows anything is possible I suppose.