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Thread: Its getting to that time again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldie View Post
    Unless you need to there is no point. You will end up with another.
    Corrado VR6 'Mincy' - 24v Conversion, AP Racing 4pots, Koni Coilovers, Rota Force 17's, Vibra-Technics Competition/Road, TT Dual Borla, Fresh paint.......... sold 2011.... Bought back 2013!
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    I wish I did it two summers ago and I might have some money left, and a life lol. I keep telling myself it'll be worth it in the end but jesus they don't half test your patients.

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    Yes I'm sure we have all thought about it, but look at the lines man!

    I get a lot people stopping and talking to be about the Corrado (well that's when it's out to play) from all walks of life and that's not bad for a modern classic VW that no body bought!
    I always thought that was a strange statement Hammond said on Top Gear. If no body bought it how comes there's an owners club

    It's a cool car which is a rare beast indeed and you know there's something special about this car that puts a smile on your face! Now would you really want to give that up?

    If there is no need to sell why bother?

    Have fun and enjoy.
    Green Meanie VR6

    Don't you just love `em!

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    As several others say above, you’ll miss it and regret selling. I sold mine back in 2008, then regretted it every time I saw a Corrado until I bought my current one last year.

    Simply put, there is no other car like it - it’s the car I wanted as a teenager and simply couldn’t afford (or insure) it back in the 90’s. I absolutely love Corrado and wouldn’t want anything else sat in the garage.

    The only real downside nowadays is part availability and cost, I wish I could still walk into the Stealers and order any part. Frustratingly I got rid of some parts I really wish I’d kept.. however several people on here and CCGB have been massively helpful. I also struggle to find time, but it’s a long term project for me.

    So, another vote for KEEP IT!!
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    Addicted to all things Corrado :-)

    92 VR6 - Flash Red, 99% OEM and loving it!
    95 VR6 - Classic Green with Recaro, my pride & joy (SOLD)
    95 VR6 - Classic Green, unfinished project (SOLD)

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    Despite having a new baby. I still have enthusiasm for it. In the way the above has made me rethink all my other hobbies , so I'm getting rid of all that so when I do get some time it's spent on the car.

    What annoys me more than anything at the moment is the amount of money you need to buy a efficient daily petrol car (looking for an estate) the second hand market seems to have disappeared lately . Its either a wreck or you need more that 10k

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    When I was 17 or 18 I used to dream about having a Corrado but the best I could afford was a mk1 golf. Now I have one I'm building it with the same vision I had 20 years ago, so it'll look like how I imagined it would have been had I had one back then. I get no joy whatsoever seeing it in my garage up on axle stands all stripped. The money and time required to finish it is tough going to say the least and trying to find the parts I need is extremely difficult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gti_Jamo View Post
    I get no joy whatsoever seeing it in my garage up on axle stands all stripped.
    Feeling this too. The days thinking about selling, far out-weight the keepies.
    James likes Corrados. Although he wishes the feeling was reciprocated occasionally.

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    You can't sell James, I still haven't seen the Campaign!

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    I've had my high mileage 1993 beater for 12 years, and the lower mileage garage queen for 5. Hopefully will be able to keep them both. They are identical except one has the winter package and the other has a CEL light, and are about 700 serial numbers apart.

    I can afford a new car, but today's cars remind me of a microwave oven. The bloody things beep at you all the time like your dinner is ready, at least the cars here in the USA. These things beep when locking, unlocking, seatbelts off, headlights on, rear view sensor, lane drift sensor, etc. Maybe on some cars you can turn that crap off, but I don't want my car to sound like a microwave oven gone berserk.

    The Corrado is utterly silent (door open chime removed) except for the mechanical sounds of the engine, fans, window, sunroof, wiper/washers and door lock motors, which is how I like it. I can leave the lights on, drive without seatbelts, back in to something, run out of gas, all without "beep beep beep" from the nanny. Everything works on both cars except the beater's HVAC foam has deteriorated away from the blend door, so heat/cool isn't great, but I'll have to remove the dash to fix that. A 25 year old car with 200k miles and everything works? Think if I buy a new VW or Audi it will all work come 2043? I highly doubt it, so I'll keep my authentic German made cars, made by hand by actual Germans at the Karmann factory for a while yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James. View Post
    Feeling this too. The days thinking about selling, far out-weight the keepies.
    I've had my Corrado now 16-1/2 years,
    it's been on axle stands for the last 3 years,
    due to so much work needing done on it,
    partly because I kept putting it off and the parts simply just weren't available anymore, but thankfully VW Classic Parts and VW Heritage have reproduced so much stuff for the Corrado, I've now bought a load of parts that weren't available 3 years ago,
    yes I agree it is expensive and yes the car does sometimes drain your time,
    but you've got to remember these Corrado's were only in production for 7 to 8 years only,
    believe me in the next 5 to 6 years the resale prices on our Corrado's will skyrocket, and if you sell up now you'll more then likely get the VeeDub urge again, but you'll pay a lot more for one.
    There is well over 100 pages in the Corrado section on the VW Classic Parts site, yes there are some parts that are sadly still not available, but there's loads that are again.

    I'm keeping my Corrado for now especially how much money I've spent on it over the last 16 plus years.
    I for one have thought about selling up and getting the new MK3 Scirocco or possibly a Toyota GT86, but no I drive a late type MK3 3 door VW Polo and I've stayed with my Corrado, yes one day I'll probably sell up but not for a long time yet, plus I would want it to go to a good home.

    At the end of the day the final choice is up to you, whether that is down to lack of funding, no spare time, or just don't have the passion anymore.
    You have to do what's right for you.

    Had MK2 Scirocco Scarla 1998 to 2002

    Now have Corrado 2.0 16v since 2002 still got it

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