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Thread: WTB: PCV Valve and Pipework and odd bits

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    WTB: PCV Valve and Pipework and odd bits

    Hopefully someone has this...I'm after the PCV valve and associated pipe work - someone has done a bit of a bodge on my VR, and i'd like to get it back to normal. I think i just need the assembly that goes from the inlet manifold to the air inlet for the throttle body.

    I'm also after the coat hooks and brackets from both drivers side and passenger side.

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    You'd be best to get the PCV stuff new, as these fail frequently and any you get off a breaker are bound to be near the end of their service life. The MK3 VR PCV is widely available on line if you do a search (someone on here may have a part number) and Ford also have a similar (and cheaper) part. It's also possible to do a complete bypass, or fit an oil catch can.

    There's a dummy sensor in there with a blank plug on some cars, that is normal and is there because cars with the cold weather pack would have had a heating element fitted there - no need unless you in Canada/Alaska or Scandinavia.

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