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Thread: g60 finally back on the road and loving it

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    g60 finally back on the road and loving it

    After many years i finally got my g60 back on the road
    although the car was motd for the first time in over 10 years in july i could not drive it as i went to the post office with my mot cert, insurance cert etc only to be told my car is not on the data base?
    i had my log book with it in my name as i registered it in my name in 2011 but was told i would have to register the car again and would take around 6 weeks for a new one to arrive.(was not aware of any changes)
    the new log book arrived but i did not want to spoil my gleaming new paintwork as it was raining so this weekend was dry and took it out for a drive and love it still got a few internal trim rattles to sort as i had completely stripped the car.
    one thing that amazed me was how savage the rev limiter is on these cars not that i tend to do this but just wanted to see how it performed on a strait empty road.

    the mot man at the center remarked how he had not seen one in years and opening the bonnet said someones spent a few quid here and once the car was up on the ramp got another mot tester to come and look at it and as he hand me back the keys he could only find one fault one side of the had brake needed adjustment (i forgot to do this)but it still passed and he said they are the best brake pipes ive seen in a long time. WELL PLEASED.

    in the future the engine is going to need a rebore as i noticed that as i removed the cylinder head a ring is starting to appear at the top of the block but having no time or funds to do this at present but having driven it this weekend it still performs as it should.

    this one is a keeper

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    Another G60.. yay
    I guess you have the old blue V5c log book, the new ones are Red, I got caught out with this once at the post office when I took the old blue one instead of the red a couple of years back.

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