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Thread: Needed: Replacement OEM Stereo

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    Plenty of Gamma 4s on German ebay but all the cassette version. Can't see any like fendervg's single cd model. Don't really want the hassle of a changer in the boot so I'll keep looking.
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    They're extremely rare, and mainly found in the US -

    That's for and ended auction - hope that final price is a joke!

    I just have the cassette version in mine - looks nice and retro and less likely to get stolen and works well with either a changer or an aux input. Some people also put the changer unit in the glove box.

    Just found a reference on some German sites, and the Gamma-CD is a bit of a special beast because it does not have an end-stage amplifier of its own and can only be used with VW's "Aktiv" powered speaker systems, which was installed in some cars of the era. Worth noting, as you don't want to shell out a lot of money for one and then discover that it won't work in your car.
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    I found a European Nakamichi CD400 on eBay for £200. I think it dates from the early 2000's but it looks very 1990's and OEM. It has a green or orange display. There is one on eBay at present but it doesn't work and it is US frequency. Keep an eye out as they do come on ebay now and then.
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