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Thread: Mystic Blue Storm

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    Mystic Blue Storm

    Time to sell my storm,I have had this car for 2 years and in my ownerships I have done the following:
    Brake dics and pads all round
    Oil and filter
    Spark plugs
    4abs sensors
    Front and rear abs rings
    2 rear flexible brake pipes
    Stainless steel exhaust
    Front engine mount
    Sump gasket
    Both front wheel bearings
    Spoiler,sunroof all working,mileage 165700.
    Selling due to owning another storm,only thing that lets car down is bodywork and lack of service history,looking for £3825.
    Can’t seem to put up photos due to Tapatalk but if you are interested I’m sure I can sort something out.

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    14th January 2015
    North Somerset
    Reduced price £3500

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