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Thread: My Candy White VR6

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    24th December 2008
    Crewe Cheshire
    I use Vehicle Smart app and find it great when searching out prospective daily bangers and keeping track of the fleet in general

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    2nd February 2018
    New stereo installed and speakers (to do).

    Stereo is a big improvement over the original Sony tape deck. It's still green illumination and has a nifity Battery Voltage readout too.



    Fixed my battery drain issue - faulty door switch.

    More proper updates to come as it's going in for some major refresh work at Stealth in June..

    Chains, clutch, head refurb, head gasket, new suspesnion bushes, engine mounts, new brakes, abs pump and if I have enough left over a stainless exhaust. Suspect there will be a few other things to replace as they delve in.
    1995 White VR6 CCGB Member 4303

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    4th November 2005
    In my garage, somewhere near the top of Suffolk
    I fitted one of the newer Sony DAB to my sons Polo and definitely better sound than they used to be
    20v Turbo, Audi TT Leather, 17" BBS, 330mm front discs with Brembo;s, 256mm rear, Digital dash in development

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    2nd February 2018
    Just some general updates:

    Dropped car off at Stealth yesterday. Horrible drive up there in the rain but stock wipers work fine!

    I have a core list of work and a wishlist if funds permit. Popped another thread up in the engines section to discuss what order to do things on the wishlist if doing piecemeal and sounds like:

    1) 263 Cams (as its all apart and labour is inc in the other work)
    2) Exhaust and remap

    I really need to sort my driver's seat out - padding and support isn't doing it's job anymore and is uncomfortable over long drives. I can feel the metal work on both the bottom part and rear and I'm not that heavy (12.5 stone!)
    1995 White VR6 CCGB Member 4303

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