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Thread: Eurowise 12v VR6 Aluminium thermostat housing.

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    Eurowise 12v VR6 Aluminium thermostat housing.

    £180 including postage - open to sensible offers.

    Brand new, aluminium, powder coated white thermostat housing for 12v VR6. £180 including postage. This is made by Eurowise in the states. This was sent to me as a replacement for a faulty one I received last last year. I never fitted it in the end as I stored the car away for a while. These come in around $280/$300 ish including postage and import fees. I'm open to offers.

    Thermostat housing 1.jpg

    Thermostat housing 2jpg.jpg
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    What was the fault on your original?, did it leak?

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    Hello there, is this still for sale?

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