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Thread: VGC late black leather interior

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    VGC late black leather interior

    As per title, late black leather interior in very good condition comprising front / rear seats and door cards. I purchased this about 18 months ago to set aside spare in the event I found a VR6 with cloth but have been fortunate enough to find one with decent leather, hence this is surplus to requirement.

    The seller had a US VR6 that he had brought over to the UK when moving back here - so this has only ever been in one car which probably accounts for the condition. There are some minor marks to the leather in places and one small crack on one doorcard but that's about it. Some re-gluing will be needed on the cards where it has peeled away a little. There is no loom / switch with them so I can't vouch for the heating elements working but I can't see there is much to go wrong with them. I'm not aware that being from a US car makes any material difference when fitting them to a UK car but I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong!

    Pictures at the link below:

    Collection from Twickenham. Happy for viewings.
    '91 nugget G60 (almost) completely standard
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    Hi, is this still for sale?

    Thanks, Chris.

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    yes, still available. Sorry for the delayed reply.
    '91 nugget G60 (almost) completely standard
    '94 Black VR6

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