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Thread: g60 knock sensor

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    g60 knock sensor

    Looking for a g60 knock sensor, I've got a 1991 corrado. I'm guessing that a vr6 sendor prob wont do the job, it does look similar, i've got a vr6 lump sat in the workshop.

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    You really need the correct one for the G60, having said that I have used the one from a normal MK2 Golf 1.8 GTI PB engine as a temporary measure and that was fine if I did not push the revs up too much , I cant say if the VR one would work though.

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    The 4 cylinder engines by the looks of it share the knock sensors between them with part number 054 905 377 The first 3 digits of part number vary, and they come in various connector plug colours and cable lengths, which is possibly why Bauhaus above was able to use one from a MK2 Golf.
    Realistically you probably could fit one from a VR6 but as Bauhaus above has said you really need the correct knock sensors for your Corrado, mainly due to the cable length as each length of cable / wire will have a different resistance reading which is why they're calibrated to control unit, and why they have the different coloured connector plugs I guess.

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    That would all make sense thanks. Looking for a g60 specific knock sensor then.

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