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Thread: Early 92' VR6 Resto

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    Early 92' VR6 Resto

    Hi guys. Haven't been on for a while so good to be back 🤘.
    I've recently purchased an early 92 vr in moonlight blue. 126k on the clock and almost all service history! The last owner had the car for over 20 years!
    It came into my dealership for an mot and failed miserably ! I hinted that I'd be interested in buying it if he wanted to part ways and 2 weeks later I handed over the cash 😊.

    It's a totally original and complete car. Which is nice!
    My plan is to restore it back to its former glory and sell it on as I've already got my aqua blue vr! (Possibly look at getting that G60 I've always wanted)

    Started by investigating the misfire and reason why it overheated on the fast idle test. Checked all plugs, leads, dizzy cap ect as previous owner had them changed about a year ago! All seemed ok but eventually found that cylinder 1 was at fault! It started and ran ok from cold but when I pulled cyl 1 plug when warmer there was no change! Also noticed that the coolant was dropping overnight! Decided to remove manifold to get a good look into the top end and on removal I found coolant sitting in the lower manifold on cylinder 1! Also when I removed the rocker cover there was a lovely green tint :/
    Anyway... Long story short... The head gaskets blown!

    Removed the engine last weekend as I had a crane to hand! I want to clean the bay up and re-wrap all the wiring anyway so seemed the easiest way to go.
    Going to strip and repaint the block and gearbox to make it all look fancy..
    Already got head gasket set and bolts and all timing bits to go on.
    Thought it was all going well untill I split the head and block and found really bad pitting in the block and the head! ☹️

    Hopefully it's not as bad as it looks!

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    Good luck with it and nice one for saving the car

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    Similar age/story to mine, stood a long time, last owner 20 odd years

    Block and head should be repairable - get the block decked and devcon the head if it just the water jacket rot on the head face where the gasket sits? - then clean and skim as usual.

    Go for the MLS gasket as you'll have two very clean faces.

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