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Thread: Headlight Low Beam Problem

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    Headlight Low Beam Problem

    Hi, I've got an issue with my G60 Corrado's headlights, the low beams specifically. Whenever the car is on, my right low beam is automatically on but my left won't turn on at all. Brights and driving lights work just fine. I don't know much about the headlights on these cars, but I had them fixed for just a night and I'm not sure what went wrong again. Thanks in advance.

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    It doesn't seem to be quite the same each time either, originally the low beams were just always on if the car was on. After we thought it was fixed, they worked correctly but only one would come on. Now one is always on if the car is on, and the other just won't work. This car was previously owned by someone who really messed up the wiring, but I'm really not sure if this was something they did.

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    I had similar issues and turned out to be the stalk on steering wheel. Think something broke down inside it and was sending mixed signals
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    Possibly a earth fault,run a separate earth on that side

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    Is there an aftermarket loom fitted for the lights? Worth checking. Also the headlight switch and the stalk contacts as mentioned above. You might need to get someone to hold a test light or multimeter on the headlight plugs and and then work through all the components.

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